Getting My New Blog Adsense Approved

Getting My New Blog Adsense Approved

Here Comes New Blogger

I built my first blog in Dec.2019 in Japan. After few days of tunning and a new year holiday, I put it into normal operation on the first day of 2020.
As most new blogs, I had virtually no PVs in the at the first time, but I do want to acquire the adsense approval as a good start.
pageviews when applying adsense
According to Google's document, PVs wont affect adsense approval, as long as your contents are original and helpful so I decided to give it a try.
I submitted my site on Jan. 22 and surprisingly got the approved notification on the next morning.

Adsense Beginner's Guide

Acquire a Adsense Account

Adsense is a part of google services so normal google account is OK for adsense.
Dedicated account also works well, of course.

Insert Javascript Code for Approval

Once adsense account is activited, a piece of code snippet is available on the adsense administration page.
Copy the code into head tag of site's homepage

#AdSense Code Snippet

For a site powered by wordpress, there are a few approches to insert the code:

  1. Some themes provide custom code injection in theme costmization menu, put adsense code in header block。
  2. Edit header.php of the theme, insert code snippet into head tag. It's better to do this in a child theme so theme update won't affect your code。
  3. Use plugins such as "header & footer" to inject code snippet into head tag。

After that, validate your site in adsense control panel. Approval start once adsense recognized the code in your site.

Waiting for Approval

Google will inspect your site, check if the sites is "valuable" and fits google's policy. It says will take up to two weeks ,but usualy done in a few days. Push new post as usual will help "might" help, but not neccesery.
Once done, google will point out the problem, or just congratulations, the site is now adsense approved.
After approved, adsense will provide a new code snippet with same publisher ID as the code before for auto Ads.The new one is slightly shorter, but both of them will work.

Setup Ads

There are two types of Ads:

Auto Ads

Auto Ads are ads that appears automatically, with only one code snippet in the head tag.
Adsense will parse the page and insert ads in proper position, with proper size and contents that matches the page.
It also detects fixed Ads on the page and adjust the amount of auto ads accordingly.

Fixed Ad Units

Google claims that auto ads will appear in proper position with proper size, and do works well in most cases. But it still may break your layout occasionally.
Another choice is Fixed Ad Units. To use fixed ads, build fixed units at adsense control panel, adjust sizes to make sure it matches the site, and paste the code to the specified location.
Some Adsense optimized theme provides fixed ad slot but for other themes you have to tune the design and code to support fixed ads.

This site is using fixed ads for header and footer, leaving other components to auto ads.

Key Points for Adsense Approval


There are some policies for adsense approval, and some of them are really important.

Original and Useful Contents

"Contents is King".Only original and useful contents are considered "High Quality" and valuable for Ads.
Amount is not that importent, 10 posts or less is enough as long as the posts are really helpful.
High quality contents is also the best SEO, as google's search algorithms are intelligence enough to recognize which site is useful for their users.

"Privacy Policy" Page

In WordPress, there comes with a "Privacy Policy" draft, and it is really important.
Adsense will collect user's cookies and browsing history for pushing specified ads, so any site uses adsense have to claim this behavier in their privacy policy.

My Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy about google adsense

Google is one of a third-party vendor on our site. It also uses cookies, known as DART cookies, to serve ads to our site visitors based upon their visit to and other sites on the internet. However, visitors may choose to decline the use of DART cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network Privacy Policy at the following URL –

Features That Makes The Site Better

About page and Contact page

These pages increase reliability of the site.


  1. Pages with a clear layout and a proper font.
  2. Stable and fast loading speed. - less waiting time, more audience。

Mobile friendly

As more people browsing on smartphones, google also moved their focus from desktop to mobile.
Site speed for mobile device is used as a factor of impression position.
A mobile friendly page helps the site to have more impressions as well as getting more audience.

Features That Are Not Important

Page Views

According to my experience, there is no relationship between PVs and adsense approval.
well, the revenue is another story.


SEO it self is not a factor for adsense approval. Also, it's won't help for impression position as well, in most times.
Google's search algorithm is already optimized for finding valuable site.
Content is King.