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Choose hosting for my personal wordpress blog

The router configuration has come to an end. I have registered a domain for the VPN server, and now I got the idea to host a blog with that domain.

So I checked for information on the Internet and learned about the virtual host and VPS. I have never paid attention to this aspect before, this brought me to a new world.

Server Considerations

Virtual Hosting

A vHost is a http server software environment built with Nginx(or may be Apache), some kind of database and PHP. Everything is ready so you can build a site with a few clicks.


  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Since a large number of vHosts can be built on one server, it's cheap.


  • The environment is almost fixed, and basically can only be used to host websites, nothing else.
  • Poor performance(While it may be enough for a small blog for hobby).


VPS means Virtual Private Server. You rent a virtual machine, so you can install the operating system yourself, and install any software and run any service you want.


  • The performance is relatively better, you can fully obtain several CPU cores and RAM resources according to your VPS plan.
  • Much more flexible, you can configure the environment to any purpose.


  • According to the configuration, the price varies greatly, can be quite expensive for better performance.
  • Total traffic and bandwidth may be limited.

Physical server

In fact, you could buy a server yourself, of course. If you compare a virtual host to a shared dormitory and a VPS to a condominium, then you can say that you bought a piece of land in the internet world by buying a server yourself.


  • All yours, no limitations. Even google starts from some PC servers in a garage.
  • A lot of fun, and a lot of knowlege.


  • Requires some initial investment
  • Electricity bills may make you sad. (in fact, VPS also use electricity, so they are much more expensive with the same hardware spec.)
  • You have to manage and maintenance everything, it's fun for some people but not true for everyone.
  • Noise issues (Tower servers is much more quiet than rack mount ones.)


vHost VPS physical server
Easy to use One-click A lot of settings are required, but usually comes with useful presets Do everything from hardware to software
Cost Cheap Price changes depending on the spec not cheap, but less than VPS for the same specifications
Specs only for small sites enough for hosting Depends on your machine, but is generally better than a VPS
Functionality Web server anyting within one VM anything you want


  • If you just want to create a blog for hobby, cheap and convenient vHost would be nice.
  • If you want to run a blog seriously, or want to run something else for example a game server in addition to a website, a VPS is the most suitable.
  • I think that you should consider to run physical servers at home only if you like /r/homelab